Thursday, May 08, 2008

My husband knows Chinese

...sort of. We're working on having him remember more useful words beyond those in the vocabulary bank of a hoodlum infant. But it's a start.

Our current conversation:

RD what's pin yin?
LL that's the new chinese short hand where you write chinese words phonetically
RD I see
RD weu eye hey da bien
LL ni ai hei dah bien
RD dway
LL dweh
RD ni eye hey go tse fong pi show bien
RD aiyah!
LL tzi wo deh fong pi
RD que?
LL eat my fart
RD hooray!
RD tzi wo deh hey go tse!
LL bu yao
RD tzi wo deh bu yao!
LL wo bu tzi go tse
RD mayo!
RD wo bu tzi show bien
RD ni bu tzi hey show bien!
RD bu yao hey go tse
RD sun ri qui tzi woh go tse!
RD dway!


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how goes things in your neck of the woods? shoot me an e-mail when you have a few spare moments!

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